There are multiple instances in which an organization would benefit from using managed print services (MSP). This short article will look at some of the most beneficial aspects of using MSP for your office:

Cost Savings

At the top of every organization’s priorities list is saving money. Printing costs are frequently overlooked, but they can quickly add up. Between toner and paper to maintenance work and upkeep, about 1-3% of the average business’ total annual revenue is put towards generating documents and forms. Just by employing MSP, you could save up to 30% of the money your organization spends generating documents.

Increase Efficiency

One cost that is harder to factor in is the time your employees spend either delayed by a machine in need of repair or by the time they spend refilling your current printer. Depending on the industry you are in, they may also be spending a substantial amount of time going to and from the printer, connecting to the printer, and/or troubleshooting their connection. For all these reasons and more, a Managed Print Service can help save your staff a lot of time and frustration by handling the printing process for them.

Lower Maintenance Costs

If your office needs copies of unique forms (such as digitally filled documents) printed, you may still require an in-house printer for certain printing jobs. But, even so, by outsourcing the bulk of your printing needs, your office will be able to save in a multitude of ways. As one example, with less use, your printer will need less maintenance, both lowering ongoing upkeep costs and extending its life.

It’s Greener

Being “green” and friendly to the environment is a big deal these days, and while efforts to go green can sometimes raise costs or lower efficiency, MPS gives quite the opposite effect. Any company that chooses to utilize MPS is lowering their overall impact on the environment because the MPS will consolidate devices (lowering electrical consumption) and help reduce wasted supplies and paper usage.


  • When selecting the right Managed Printing Service for your office, consider their rates and how they charge. Most will charge either a base fee + per page or just per page. Some companies also use a monthly tier system that allows you up to so many copies before an additional fee is charged.
  • If you are interested in calculating just how much you could save, you first need to know how much you currently spend. To do so, you need to calculate your TOC, or Total Cost of Ownership for the printers in your office. You can also find free tools to estimate by industry how much you spend on in-house printing each month.
  • To make the most of MPS, you should go through all the forms and materials your office regularly prints to estimate how much usage your current printing systems receive. The bulk of your printing needs could easily be outsourced.