It’s already been a long day at the office, and there’s not much else more irritating than walking to the printer to select your copies and finding out it’s out of paper or ink. Depending on the print job, this could completely slow down the rest of the workday, especially when you reach into the supply cabinet and see that you lack a refill.

In a perfect world, printers would maintain themselves. But, unfortunately, we all have to put up with the modern inconvenience of a printer running out of paper or toner--or do we?

The Alternative To In-Office Printing Headaches

For many companies, there’s a chance that they don’t need to be putting up with their printer at all. In fact, most businesses can enjoy some relief from printer upkeep, at least most of the time, by employing a managed print service. Saving money, forgetting about refills, and no longer standing over a broken down printer are just some of the benefits of choosing a managed print service to handle the bulk of your office’s printing jobs.

However, there are also some other ways to keep your organization from running low on important supplies.

Keeping Up With Supplies

A lot of things are constantly going on at the office, but someone needs to be devoted to keeping an eye on the supply cabinet and re-ordering items when things get low. This is a great job to devote to a new intern, or if you have a small and dedicated team, you can put a clipboard on the supply room door and make sure that people sign an item when it’s getting low. Either method will help your business make sure that things don’t run out before you have the chance to re-order.

If you’re going to use the clipboard method, have a simple sign sheet where any employee can write down the item, the date, and the amount left. Have someone check it regularly.

Alternatively, you could use an automatic ordering service for things that go out of stock on a frequent basis. Plenty of companies offer such a service today, but Amazon remains one of the best in the industry. If you can find the products you need on Amazon for a comparable price to what you’re currently paying, it’s worth spending a few extra pennies (or maybe even a few less!) and set up automatic delivery to your office door. This will ensure you always have a stock of what you need.

Finally, you can make sure you never run low again by simply keeping an extra "stash" of the most necessary supplies (like a ring of paper). When an employee sees that the supply closet is empty of said item, all you need to do is hand them the extra and order more right away and it's frustration averted.