Choosing Paper for your Printer

All Paper Is Not Created Equal: Choosing The Right Paper For Your Office Printer

Although advancing technology and equipment makes running a business so much simpler, in a way, it also makes it a tad more complicated. Gone are the days when you could simply run to the store and pick up any ring of paper. Now, just like with ink or toner cartridges, it’s important you take the manufacturers recommendations to heart.

What Paper Should I Get?

When you walk into your office supply store, the huge aisle full of choices is certainly overwhelming. If you haven’t noticed, most big name printer manufacturers have begun offering complete lines of ink and paper. So, if you’re trying to narrow down your choices quickly, the first step is to migrate to the section of paper offered by your printer’s manufacturer.

Although it might sound silly that using paper from another manufacturer could somehow bring harm to your branded printer, it’s a fact. This is especially true with inkjet printers because companies specifically design their paper, printer, and ink to work together in order to get you the best results. In addition to giving you a high-quality print, using non-OEM disposables could also cause wear and tear to your printer.

Now, if you happen to be using a laser printer and you’re just sticking with basic plain text files and draft-quality images, you don’t necessarily have to stress about name-matching everything that goes into your printer--although it doesn’t hurt.

The next step when narrowing down your options is to check your manual. There’s a very good chance that it contains all the information you need to pick the right paper for your printer. Your particular printing model will likely have a special range of papers depending on the primary application. For instance, a photo printer will certainly be made to work best with the manufacturer’s photo paper.

Making Your Decision

Narrowing your options down like so will likely still leave you with a few different choices, and that’s the idea. Your remaining selection will give you the choice to decide between whether you need color-tinted or plain white. It will also leave you with the freedom to choose among the following labels: paper, glossy, swellable, cotton rag, and so on.

What you decide on among this short list of choices will depend on what your office needs. Obviously, the go-to choice for most people is just a simple plain white paper, but you might also consider varying weights (thicknesses) and, if your printer can accommodate them, even different paper sizes to add more variety to your next print job.