I wanted to call it Joe Printer. Pete, my partner at the time, quickly said that was a dumb idea and we eventually decided on PrintersPlus, with an emphasis on capitalized P’s. Truthfully, neither of us particularly cared for the name and proceeded to spend the next couple of decades trying to think of a better one. It never happened.

Fast forward 23 years and we have since launched a new logo, a new website, and new matching signage outside our recently remodeled office. We’ve packaged that all together with a whole new perspective on what this company is going to be going forward, leaving the name unchanged.

An Industry that Exudes Excitement

In the IT space in Canada, those of us that sell print tend to have an inferiority complex. We aren’t as splashy as software developers and integrators, managed service providers or solutions architects. Selling a server, or a laptop, or even a standard desktop computer, for whatever reason, was more glamourous then worrying about the copier or printer attached via a cable or fancy network. But somebody had to do it. So why not us. Trust me, I am doing everything I can to not bore you to death.

The Future

Let’s be honest; most of you reading this haven’t the faintest idea of what PrintersPlus is. That’s OK. Some of you might know that we are about 30 people who somehow manage to do the work of 100. Most, if not all, of you don’t realize that we have tens of thousands of customers, from every province in Canada, and process hundreds of thousands of transactions every year. And to think we are only scratching the surface.

From time to time now we will be telling the stories of PrintersPlus. Personally speaking, I would never have any interest in reading a blog about anything to do with a printer, or even about a company that I know and buy things from. For me, it’s all about paying as little as possible for the thing that I want to be in my hand the next day. That said, we are going to take a crack at changing that way of thinking.

There are a few rules that we at PrintersPlus live by. Whenever you call PrintersPlus, you get a person. We have no personal voice mails. We don’t wait well. Everything that we do – has to be done NOW. We simply do not have the time to let issues pile up, accept delays from the companies that we deal with, nor expect our customers to be patient. In this industry, price is becoming everything. We utilize every attainable resource that we can dig up to be able to provide the lowest price possible and pass those savings along to our customers.

If this is your first time here, I hope you will take a deeper look at our organization and what we have to offer. If you’ve been here before, I want to personally thank you for your support and hope we can continue to develop our relationship over the next 23 years.

-Alec Milne

President, PrintersPlus