PrintersPlus Pricing Advantage

The PrintersPlus Pricing Advantage

We passionately believe that the thing that makes PrintersPlus unique in the Canadian marketplace is our approach to price.

Take for example, our new website, it looks great (albeit still a work in progress) and will serve as the gateway to how we deliver pricing to our customers.  What you don’t see is that what is behind the home page are in excess of 20 different individual stores. Once we approve (with mandatory skill testing questions), a customer gains access to one of these stores by logging in. We sell thousands of items, many linked to each other, and in each store – a different price. The staff at Printersplus is green with envy of those who work for companies who buy what they sell at one price, and sell it for another. Unfortunately, we are not afforded that luxury.

Selling to all levels of Governments, Education, Health Care, Fortune 500 and SMB’s requires that we create pricing models to satisfy each sector with approximately 20 manufacturers. For example, our friends at HP are keenly interested in our selling HP branded printers and their supplies in the health care sector. In order for us to do that effectively we negotiate discounted pricing with HP to enable us to provide the best pricing possible for the customer in health care and ensure that HP equipment will be selected. Over 95% of what PrintersPlus sells or leases is done under such agreements. Our job is to make sure an individual client can qualify for that discounted pricing and be able to shop at that associated store.

That brings us back to the website again. First time buyers can be assured of one thing when arriving at our website. PrintersPlus has done everything in its power to assure that the price displayed for an individual item is as low as it possibly can be.

We ask you to shop and compare and hope you come back. We want you to know that once you have purchased something, we will be contacting you. First to thank you, and second to find a pricing level for you that is suited to your industry. We will create a landing page within that store, specific to your needs, that will make re-ordering a breeze and give you complete peace of mind that all of your print needs are covered.

Any questions feel free to contact us. Phone, email, the Hi, How can we help link on the website and even via fax (believe it or not we still receive about 50 a day)

We can’t wait to hear from you.