Using AppsThe World of Printer + Printing Apps

Technology has changed the way people do business in many ways, and one such example is the advent of apps for printers and printing. These apps do everything from allowing you to oversee the stats of your printer to keeping an eye on a large printing network, while others assist you with adding print jobs to your queue and even alerting you when things are finished.

Here’s a look at the most popular, and useful, apps out there that can be used for your printer.

HP Smart App

Of the many innovations HP has brought to the marketplace, the HP Smart App is perhaps one of the most used. Available for both Apple and Microsoft equipment, and on the Google Play store, HP Smart (which used to be called the HP All-in-One Printer Remote) allows users to set up, scan, print, manage, and share with their HP printer. Using email, text, messages, and popular cloud platforms, users can share documents and images with their printer.

Using the app, users are also able to easily setup new HP printers on their network, order supplies, and monitor their ink/toner levels. Here are some highlights from the app:

  • Compile high-quality PDFs and images of your documents using your printer’s built-in scanner, or the camera on your device.
  • Print any image via Wi-Fi or remote printing.
  • Share images and documents with ease.
  • Check your supply stock and order more.
  • Change your printer’s settings and maintain it.

Xerox Print Portal

Also available for Apple, Google Play, and Microsoft devices, the Xerox Print Portal allows users to easily and securely connect to their printer through the app. Using the app, users can connect and print with both Xerox and non-Xerox printers, making for a seamless users experience. Features include:

  • Printing to any printer on your network.
  • Opening documents to preview before printing.
  • Printing various formats with a variety of options.
  • Using GPS to find available printers.
  • Adding printers with ease (just scan the QR code!)
  • Uploading documents for secure viewing later, or printing documents instantly.
  • Using the camera to capture a picture, and then being able to print it instantly.
  • Viewing the printer’s status, and managing printers.

Google Cloud Print

Available exclusively in the Google Cloud and as an Android App, Google Cloud print makes setting up your printers simple. It works with both cloud-ready printers and “classic” printers, and getting them added to your Google Cloud account is quick and easy. The app, which is currently in Beta and can be accessed via your Android device or online from any desktop, also enables you to:

  • Add printers with just a few click.
  • Create print jobs from your browsers.
  • Print from anywhere by connecting through the app in seconds.
  • Print things instantly.
  • Share and manage your printers with ease.

As with everything Google creates, Google Cloud Print syncs with your Google account and is especially Chrome-friendly. It can also be integrated with other Google apps, giving you the ability to print emails, documents, spreadsheets, and other files in your Google account with ease.